Mission & Values

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Skills of Life Cafe’s job training program will provide the opportunity for teens and young adults that have intellectual (dis)abilities to gain strength in the skills required for competitive employment. Our community supported job training program will provide the pursuit of lifelong learning, self-empowerment and awareness, confidence, purpose, and enhancement of the fundamentals in workforce skills.

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Promote integration of teens and young adults with (mild) intellectual disability into society helping them become independent and evolve into working and contributing members in their local community.

Provide a curriculum focused training program to create greater opportunities for independence and to support meaningful job opportunities where these skills can be carried into an independent lifestyle.

Skills of Life Cafe is a program to strengthen employment and life skills towards more meaningful and purposeful independent living, through a customer service structure with work ethic and self-organization training, while enhancing self-confidence, self-expression, and the inclusion into greater life opportunities.








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Success in providing service to the community

Be safely challenged in developing strengths in employment skills

Guidance for meaningful employment

Guidance for independent living opportunities


Skills of Life Cafe will provide meaningful and productive life experiences through a community supported employment platform.

Our curriculum based program goal is to integrate those with (mild) intellectual disabilities into their community via employment training. We aim to enhance independence, self-awareness, and executive functioning skills via implementation of customer service relations, working with a team, and the organization of task demands.

Our program will support the special needs population to enrich self-performance and showcase abilities. Our participants will be able to identify areas of strengths and interests, given the opportunity to be trained, while practicing job demands and learning work ethic.

Our participants will earn certificates of merit, based on job task independence. Once there is growth of independence, we will support bridging employment to other local “typical” jobs, and/or offer a permanent position as needed with Skills of Life Cafe. Our participants can create a resume with their experiences from our program, understanding their strengths and capabilities, with the end goal to contribute to our local community job market.


Help keep our program strong and community united.